some people like my handwriting. i like the white dust that comes from writing with chalk. it can give me allergic sneezing sometimes. and it seems to stick on ur skin forever, the chalk. u can taste it. it s not too dark yet but it s dark enough for me to see. i spell on my little blackboard.
tit sucking ... 100 stars
tea bagging ... 100 stars
n some more n then i place it outside my door. i stand by the door and let the wind blow through me. it s chilly. i dont know how ppl get here because there's no roads, there is nothing but grass and sky of dark dark blue. the smell is of foam bath, it smells like my eyes do. i dont know why i feel like crying but i am never happy and i am never unhappy. my house is only one room big and one window big. sometimes i shape shift slightly cos i m everything. i have a chair. and a bed. and a table. the bed is high. and a bathtub. a bucket. and a trunk. my eyes r always tired and open. i sit in the water in the dark. i cant see u coming but u r here n i want u to be here because of your hands and your voice and because it s u. my back is very sore and u r rubbing it for me. or perhaps u r washing it for me. u dont think i m sane n u wanna know why i charge ppl no money and how will i live this way. n what am i thinking with the board outdoors, i cant get fucked for stars, it s not good for me to get paid in stars for what use do i have for stars. then i have to show u simply. i run to my trunk n when i pull it open u can see too. it s thousands of little stars. i hold a bunch in my hands and put them in urs so u can look closer. it s real tiny stars. i show u on the wall behind us and on the ceiling, there it s full of stars glowing. so i will never need to light a lamp in here for all my life.


  1. wow! stars *_*
    this dream is crazy. but I love what you're describing and the way you're doing it!

  2. ah polly yes it was a crazy dream indeed. but thank u very much. u r the best.

  3. Omg, I love this dream. It's my favorite ever. Love love love love love.