against all my advice mats wants to be in the boxing fight. there s nthg i can do to talk him out of this madness. he s fighting against this huge man n he wont even take off his glasses. ah ah. it s nervwrecking. how can he not see what s coming next. we sit there n watch. it s the most horrible 3 minutes i can recall. mats gets a punch in the middle of his face. i think i m his coach so i must rush n see what the fuck s happening. there s blood all over his face n his specs r broken n he s got huge splinters in his eyes. but he tells me. he tells me he s really happy. for now he has become a tim burton figure at last.

i m lost in these fields. it s yellow as far as i can see. nothing but wheat. n really tall. the sun is burning my skin. dont know if i m feeling good or bad.i m heading somewhere but i dont know where. just keep going in order to get to see anythg but yellow fields. n the sky. i am barefoot n my feet r sore. n then i see someone sitting among the grass n the wheat. i can see his back. n his blond head. i touch mats' shoulder n when he turns out he is really sad. in fact he is so sad that his eyes have fallen out. n he cant see no more. i dont know what to say to him about it. i really dont know.

in my childhood room i give mats my bed n climb up to emma's bed. then during the night the bed collapses on top of him n he s crushed n dies.

the world in the cabins is blue. i dont know where they are located to be honest, but the sky is ice blue especially towards dusk it is. n the blue n the black intertwine leaving only the smell of snow n burned wood n blue poison reminiscent of some flower i can not trace. when u stand still outside the entrance to the main building of this conjoint logs creation, the ceiling barely high enough for u to stand up straight n stretch ur arms u can see some thick snow n then around the log community none. no snow at all. there s mountains n hills but there s also wide openings. most of the trees r still covered in snow. the reason i m here is to have a look at liam's recently inherited prperty, the cabins. n there s more ppl here for the very same purpose. n even luca iemi is here. the clothing doesnt make sense, since liam is in leathers n furs n luca iemi is only in his jeans n a shirt. i cant see what i m wearing because all i can see is the silence of the landscape n now it only smells of sthg more beautiful n more ominous. i m not sure it s dusk for it could be dawn or even the middle of the day. my sense of time sequence is evaporating.
when we walk into the main building. the old man in his long thin beard advices liam to sell. he tells us a story. of how everybody living in the house came to a tragic end. of how he had spent a night there during war. which war could it have been. n i can see the ppl who used to live there almost. the wall of the small wooden cabin we r in used to shift n u could see straight into the other cabins room n the spectacle was horrid. i dont know why nobody else can see the wall thinning. but i can. first it s a mess of long red hair n then a mess long blond hair. these creatures, i dont know if they can move. they r sitting upon a divan of black muslin n black lace. they seem to be floating in water yet there s none n no sign of anything soaked. the room is very dark n blue like the sky n like i would imagine the pit of a lake to be. drapes r hanging from the wall. the womens hands move slowly. n their legs, their skinny long limbs r capable of standing n when they do they stop floating n r really still. the blond woman looks like someone i know. it makes me really uneasy n i wish for the old man to stop. the strange objects in the room nobody else can see remain unidentifiable. the woman in their slow slightly crippled march seem to confidently approach. i believe them to be smiling n they do no longer seem that bad. in a haze i can hear the old man's voice n his refusal to explain further.
but this idiot liam doesnt want us to leave. i m trying my best to convince him to get the fuck moving. but he wont listen. he insists we all spend the night there. ppl r getting to work in order to make the small n strange wooden building labyrinth viable. in my bag i seem to be having some tons of 12 rolls, that i start shooting. because every where i turn i see a picture ready to be taken. n they r all so good. luca iemi is accompanying me on on my task.
when he finds out about the nearby village n the old school building/museum he really wants to go. i dont. liam is like a giant n i wanna stay around him. but luca iemi convinces a family to join us to the walk to the village n well i m thinking 120 rolls so i go along. there s a little picture to be taken everywhere i look. n the sky warms up. n there s little purple bell flowers everywhere, they creep up on windows, it seems to be the only flower i can see. sometimes disproportionally big to what i d expect them to be. it s an hours walk n there s a lake too, more like a hole into the ground, lacking in width but not in depth by the looks of it. i believe the pictures i have taken so far mount up to about 200 at leats. do the maths of film rolls in my pockets n bag. n i keep going. there s more ppl than i d expect to see in a village. quite jolly they seem too, almost festive. the school building is magnificent. n smells just like an old school building should n feels the right way. the main sound in my ear is the photo cameras shutter. luca iemi is so fast n excited. i see the woman i see her n she sees me. she s smiling at me. n i yell at luca iemi. but he cant see her. he wont run. not like i run. the woman is only lookin at me though n not at luca iemi. but i close my eyes almost press them tight n i run. my body aches like my musces r on fire n when i look back the blonde woman is holding luca iemi real tight. when she releases him i dont see her no more.
i dnt want to see luca iemi anymore either. i ask someone to walk with me back to the logs cos the sky s much darker now n it must be the bloody dusk n nobody is willing to. nobody s speaking to me. n luca iemi is coming. n he looks normal but not real. his walking s a little slightly more stiff. n his eyes r a little less of luca iemi. but i dont know if i m imagining this. finally a smallish plump girl goes looking for a flashlight to help me find my way back. i think she s takin an interest in luca iemi. this is quite good, excellent turnout. she wants to walk with us. so she can talk to luca iemi. i think he s trying to touch me, which i consider really bizzare. maybe i m going insane. maybe. may also not be. it s pretty dark n the persistence with which luca iemi s trying to touch me is worrying me. i walk ahead or trail behind the girl n him.
the frigid floating blond woman looks like me. she looks like me.
back with the others, liam has put a gigantic plastic foil on top of most of the strange cabins, to protect them from the cold n rain n snow, because he plans to have us all sleep in there. i m crying. i can not speak anymore. outside the girl from the village is screaming. luca iemi has withered n he is now frigid too, on the ground. his colour is that of the sky. that of the flowers. he s blue n purple n black. he looks alive but he is not. the girl is going crazy. i wish her to shut the fuck up. her screams r tearing my brain apart. we leave luca iemi at the front door in a strange offering manner. the old man in the thin long beard crosses his arms n abandons him there facing the woods.
me n liam n 2 more workers, all working on repairing the living room, which is to say the main cabin sit down to have a break. n then the wall shifts n they can see it too. this time i can tell they can see it. it is the women in their torn rags n uncombed ong hair. red. n blonde. we see them like they see us. but they do not stand up this time. their long skinny arms grab for children standing. they dismember them. n then they let their blood run into their wounded mouths. their hungry eyes enjoy the sight of tearing flesh into shreds. a whole bunch of children. like a flock of sheep. their movements are precise. slow. i can feel the wild screaming peasure n their chests as their almost choking on the blood. n the objects in the back n all around, still remaining hidden in the dark r gaining in focus. it is objects that mean nothing to me i cannot understand. there is peoples hearts in a jar. the women r looking among their shreds of lace n dirty white sking. n floating. n the smell it is everywhere now.
the smell has been the deadly nightshade all along.

[significant footnote: liam is ofc liam neeson]