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my friend P is the lucky winner of the lottery. n she has so much money to waste now, she s booked a big trip to exotic strange islands for us. on a tiny special plane. first we go to corfu ofc. it s EE, J who is EE's friend, Amanda-me, J with P ofc, M1 n M2, G, D.
E is not there because u must understand she met a guy from Canada on myspace n flew over for the weekend to meet him in flesh n blood.
in corfu it s really nice n relaxing, nthg much is happening but it s cool anyway. some weird things do catch my attention such as P rolling on the floor now n then on strange occasions. but i keep trying to pick her up. anyhow she s happy doing it so.. n we r swimming n walking n whatever awesome things it is that make ur holidays just perfect like when u were only a child.
but when the plane to the exotic little island of unknown name arrives EE n her friend J bottle out. they dont want on the plane so we r forced to leave them behind. we can always pick them up on our return.
as we approach the island i come face to face with horror. if there is one thing that creeps me out entirely it is big slow fish in unclear water. this is the very sight of the beach. the fish r prehistoric i can tell n as we r close to landing i see the sand moving under the big waves n there is a mass of enormous octopuses n their long tentacles move n i feel like screaming. i dont even wanna near the sea anymore. my stomach twists n i get cold feet.
at last we r landing. we got only two rooms n P is rolling on the floor again n laughing. oh no no P u cant do that. lets lift her up. J is surprisingly serious n just normal. well we get dealt the rooms n there s like 4 beds in each. i am with M2 n G n D. all i can do is sit on my bed n stare at the ceiling. M1 is only drawing cats all day on his enormous notebook. D has gone crazy n is doing nthg but chasing G around, hitting on him, trying to do him just on account of his herritage! i m in shock i try to talk her out of this but she wont listen. when G complains to me i know nthg to say. i like this ceiling. it s pretty awesome.
in the other room M1 is drinking alcohol out of a bucket that seems never to go empty n then he is vomiting here n there. but he keeps drinking.
the ppl they all move around we walk into the forest or look at the beach but nthg changes. there is no shift in the situation. i can do nthg n talk to nobody. M1 drinkin n vomiting, M2 drawing, D after G, n P lying on the floor to talk to us.
the happiness i feel when P and J ask me to change bed with M1 who gets shipped to the lunatic room instead is impossible to be described. i am so happy. the holiday is not that bad anymore, i block everythg else out of my head since i can finally have conversations. phew.
on our way back, EE n J with us now, we r on the train and it is so awesome cos P is lying on the floor between our feet and she is gifting us the most colorful tees i ve ever seen in my life so we can wear them all three n look like sisters.

in a world there r no names any longer. they have been never there or have been long forgotten or perhaps they have been evicted or stoned to death. it seems as if they have never been there. n u call people whatever u want. u can call them by a word or u can call them by a sentence. or u can poke them or pull their sleeves gently. i seem to think that having no name is not such a horrible thing. names make us anything but exceptional. now that there is no names anymore u can tell ppl apart by other things. like their voices or the way they sit. n i can call u girl with the long hair or u with the hooligan walk, or boy full of freckles or boy with the laughing voice, or girl that moans a lot or little bird or maybe boy with the loud voice that is happy. or maybe i will just touch u. it seems like the perfect way of communication. n i can no longer remember ur name or the fact that u ever had a name. n if u want to sit next to me u can tell me what u would call me or what u call urself.


vaguely. the mother of johannes meets us on the road. she s worried n panicked about johannes. who is still in school. she s very upset she can not get in touch with him. we have to go and check on him. i think johannes is maybe 10. or he is 12. emma is young too n she s even wearing a dress n i am too. when the bell rings we mingle secretly with the crowd n try to find johannes. n there he is in the backyard crawling on the floor of the school backyard. when we gesture he doesnt respond. finally we make it to him n he takes us to his cauldron. if i m not mistaken he is boiling a fat kid's ass in it until the fat kid runs off. next he is lecturing a 7 year old girl on not wearing such slutty clothes. n she s not even wearing any slutty clothes. at night i go with other friend n emma to watch johannes in his school play. his mother is there too n she seems a little less worried. i think she s thankful we tried to talk sense into him. the success of it is questionable. we take a seat in the last bench n then comes carrie bradshaw, samantha jones, charlotte york and miranda hobbes. ha they sit down on the bench n i ask carrie n they got a special invite from johannes himself. we r 3 ppl plus 4 n we dont fit. eh then carrie has to go sit in the bench right in front so everyone s pleased n the play begins.